C012 A Decorative Pair Of English, Turquoise Jars & Covers - Circa 1860

   “Good design doesn't date”. Harry Seidler

A very decorative pair of English, mid 19th century, turquoise, cased glass jars and covers.  The jars lined, or, cased in white glass.  The jars with original covers, with ball shaped knops.

Cased glass is glass ware consisting of two different colours.  The outer casing is blown first into a cup shape and the second layer blown into it. The two layers are then re heated so that they fuse together as one.  Cased glass originated in Bohemia in 1804 and was taken up by French glass blowers in 1825.

The technique was introduced to English glass makers in 1844.  The base of the jars with ground pontil marks. This is the mark left by the glass blower’s pontil rod, known as a “punty”, the rod, usually a hollow metal tube, is attached to the base of a vessel in its molten stage. 

This allows the glass blower, to hold the molten shape while he finishes the open top of the piece.  On the glass cooling, the rod is broken away from the base; this usually leaves a ring shaped scare, or pontil mark. 

In antique glass, this rod mark was polished out by hand and a ground or polished pontil leaves a rounded, polished surface, as shown by this lovely pair of jars.   A beautiful pair of turquoise, cased glass jars and covers in original condition. 

Queen Victoria - Circa 1860

Overall height 9.5" / 24cm

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