Vintage Table Lamps

Our exclusive collection of vintage table lamps will shine in a wide range of interiors. Our quality lamps are sure to inspire your home or office decor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a piece from the vintage table lamp collection in the States/UK?

Of course! All our vintage table lamps, including those from our cultural collections, can be sent to the US and UK and will be wired to suit either specifications.

Do all of the vintage lamps include the lampshade in the image?

No. However, if requested, a lampshade can be included with any of our vintage table lamps upon ordering.

Can I get a vintage table lamp posted to me?

Certainly! We are proud to present our customers with international posting for all our products, including our vintage table lamps. We take strict precautions in ensuring your lamp stays in immaculate condition, such as double boxing and utilising Australia Post to ship and deliver.

How much will it cost to have a vintage lamp shipped?

We will find out the cost of shipment after Australia post has your vintage lamp packed and ready to post. Once we know the price, we will notify you of the cost prior to shipment.

What is the international shipment process of your vintage lamps?

As a timeless piece, it is part of our duty to ensure your vintage lamp maintains its perfect condition all the way to your door. That means we only trust the best in the business to have your lamp posted! We have trusted Australia Post with our packages since 1982 and can proudly say we have never had a piece damaged in this time. Double boxed and sent out through the responsible process of Australia post, you can trust your lamp is in the best hands possible before it reaches yours.