E012 A Very Decorative Pair Of Elegant, Vintage, Taiwanese Lamps-Circa 1960

“Design is defined by light and shade and appropriate lighting is enormously important”.   Albert Hadley.

A very decorative, tall pair of elegant, vintage, Taiwanese lamps. The lamps with a beautiful, pale sky blue ground and decorated with a spring time subject of flowering plum blossom on old wood. The lamps seated in polished American maple wood bases and fitted with gold plated, custom made, bronze lamp caps. The lamps shown with a pleated, ivory silk shade suggestion.

Taiwan has a long history of porcelain and pottery production and Taiwanese ceramics can be traced as far back as the Neolithic Period.  In Taiwan, lamps of this style began production in the 1950s and 60s and were classified as artistic ceramics.  These lamps are representative of this Taiwanese ceramic development and are particularly beautiful examples. 

Table lamp lighting offers a range of benefits.
A. Functional table lamps.
B. A work of art.
C. A constant visual pleasure.
D. Lamps can be selectively placed to provide a softer pool of lighting, accentuating and complimenting the décor and “feeling” of a room.

Circa 1960

Overall height (including shades) 29"/74 cm approx

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications.

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