A073 A Fine Mid 19th Century Chinese Sang-de-Boeuf Accent Lamp - Circa 1850

A fine Chinese, mid 19th century, Rouleau shaped antique accent lamp, or task light.  The lamp with a rich Sang-de-Boeuf glaze.  This rich red colour is known to the Chinese potter as Lang Yao glaze.

Sang-de-Boeuf is a French term which translates as “oxblood”.  A rich red glaze colour, the effect produced by a method of firing that incorporates copper oxide and fired in a reducing atmosphere.  The process was at first very difficult to control, with these early examples, today, being very rare.  

It was not until the reign of the Kang Xi Emperor (1661–1722) that the Sang-de-Boeuf glaze was finally mastered.  Sang-de-Boeuf was widely imitated in Europe, especially at the French Sèvres porcelain factory, which produced a substantial amount of this monochrome glaze.

Accent Lamps
Accent lamps are designed to produce a mood, a look or feel in a room, rather than providing a major source of light in a space.  In general, an accent lamp is a relatively small lamp, with usually no more than a maximum height of about 20"/50cm including the lamp shade.  Accent lamps also serve as decorative accents within a room. 

The lamp seated in a Chinese square shaped, folded foot, black lacquered stand and fitted with a gold plated lamp cap.  The lamp with a 25w lamp socket. The lamp shown with a black silk shade suggestion.

Xianfeng Emperor - Circa 1850

Overall height (including shade) 18"/46cm approx

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