B087 A Rare Antique French Art Nouveau Ernst Chaplet Stoneware Lamp - Circa 1905

Chaplet's fired stoneware, is and will continue to be regarded as among the finest ceramic work of modern times, both from the artistic and documentary standpoints. An indefatigable worker, he devoted his whole energy to the arduous task of discovering the process of this art.  Gabriel Mourey

A refined and rare, French Ernst Chaplet stoneware antique lamp of the Art Nouveau era.  The lamp seated in the original openwork style base.  The lamp with a sky blue ground colour and painted with a continuous stand of stylised poplar trees.   A decorative band of open work, patinated bronze encircles the body and neck of the lamp.

This is an important Art Nouveau lamp being a product of the great French ceramicist, Ernst Chaplet (1835-1909).  Chaplet developed his own unique glaze colours, each colour being prefixed by the name Chaplet i.e, Chaplet Green etc. This lamp decorated with a Chaplet, Sky Blue, which would be described as a soft blue/grey.  The lamp shown with a blue/grey, pleated silk shade suggestion.

Ernst Chaplet.
Ernst Chaplet began his career in 1848 as an apprentice at Sèvres, where he studied decoration, design and ceramics techniques.  In 1882, after more than 30 years in the employ of large ceramics firms, he opened an atelier where, assisted by Albert-Louis Dammouse and funded by Havilland & Company, he created simple stoneware forms ornamented with Japanese-inspired designs.

Within three years, Chaplet quietly succeeded in producing a notoriously difficult to achieve,
true Sang-de-Bœuf glaze, first on stoneware and later on porcelain.  In time he took full control of the studio and continued production of the glazed stoneware that is still considered revolutionary.  A portrait shown of Ernst Chaplet taken in 1905.

The Art Nouveau era (1880–1910)  Art Nouveau can easily be classified as the first 20th century modern style.  It is recognised as the first style to not look backwards for its ideas and inspiration.  The movement is distinguished by several design characteristics such as vertical lines, stylised flowers and leaves and patinated bronze.

Circa 1905

Overall height (including shade) 24"/61cm approx

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The lamp shade shown is for photography purposes only. 

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