C053 An English Vintage, Finely Modelled Chestnut Stallion Lamp - Circa 1930's

"The one thing I do not want to be called is First Lady. It sounds like a race horse". Jackie Kennedy         

An English, vintage, finely modelled, chestnut stallion as a table lamp.  The elegant stallion mounted on a cream and caramel marble-topped base.  The rectangular lamp base covered in fine grained English, burgundy leather.  The leather bound base, trimmed in a gold plated, bronze frame.

Lamps of this style fulfill more than the practical function of illumination, they are also decorative art, along with antique furniture, mirrors and pictures.  The lamp shown with a burgundy, silk shade suggestion.

An elegant lamp with a track record! - Circa 1930's

Overall height (including shade) 28"/71 cm approx

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