C080 A Very Decorative Large 19th Century Chinese "Powder Blue" Lamp - Circa 1850

"Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable, and committed. The colour of ocean and sky, blue is a constant and calming influence in our world".

A large, handsome, mid 19th century, Chinese porcelain antique lamp of fine quality.  The lamp with an evenly applied, powder blue ground colour.  “Powder blue” was a technique used by Chinese porcelain decorators for at least three hundred years.  Of interest, blue is the most popular colour in the world and is also known to be the most preferred colour by men.

This process of producing the monochrome powder blue ground colour involved blowing the blue pigment in powder form through a fine bamboo tube, the end of the tube covered by a silk screen.  On firing, the powder is fused in the kiln, leaving the blue glaze colour.

The lamp seated in a very fine quality, antique Chinese, well carved hard wood stand of the same mid 19th century date.  The lamp with a custom made gold plated bronze lamp cap.  The lamp shown with a pleated, ivory silk shade suggestion.

Xianfeng Emperor - Circa 1850

Overall height (including shade) 28"/71cm

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

The lamp shade shown is for photography purposes only.

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