C092 A Delightful Pair of "Chinese Immortals" Accent Lamps - Circa 1850

"They are immune to heat and cold, untouched by the elements and can fly, mounting upward with a fluttering motion.  They dwell apart from the chaotic world of man, subsist on air and dew and are not anxious like ordinary people"   Victor H. Mair.

A delightful pair of Chinese, mid 19th century, antique accent lamps or task lights.  The lamps well modelled as two of the Taoist Immortals.  These spiritual beings, central to religious Taoism, number eight in total, and are perhaps intended to be allegorical. 

These super-humans or perfect persons came to be worshiped and emulated by Taoists.  The Eight Immortals frequently appear in Chinese literature, mythology and art and each has a symbol and special power.

The male figure Lan Caihe, carries his attribute, a basket of flowers.  The female figure He Xiangu, carries her attribute, a lotus flower.  Both immortals in Ming dynasty tunic robes and decorated in the Chinese three-colour enamel palette of aubergine, yellow and green, known as Sancai.  

The immortals shown skimming across the surface of the ocean on their journey to the Isle of the Blessed.  The two immortals standing on custom made, gilt wood, low square table stands. The lamps are shown with custom made lamp shades in golden yellow silk..

It is from the several thousand year old history of the eight immortals that the Chinese concept of the number eight as a lucky number is derived.

Accent Lamps
Accent lamps are designed to produce a mood, a look or feel in a room, rather than providing a major source of light in a space.  In general, an accent lamp is a relatively small lamp, with usually no more than a maximum height of about 20" / 50cm including the lamp shade.  Accent lamps also serve as decorative accents within a room. 

The name “accent lamp” is derived from the word “accentuate”, meaning to emphasize something, or to make something more noticeable.  Accent lamps, by example, can be used on a writing desk, a mantle piece, side table or as buffet lamps.

As seen in World of Interiors.

Xianfeng Emperor - Circa 1850 

Overall height (including shades) 17.5"/45 cm approx

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

Please note - the lamp shades shown are included with this pair of accent lamps.

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