D081 An Antique Japanese Kakiemon Palette Lamp - Circa 1890-1900

A late 19th century, Japanese antique lamp of understated style.  The white porcelain lamp painted in a traditional Kakiemon palette of enamels.  The artist has chosen colours from the classic Kakiemon enamel palette, including iron red, green and touches of bright yellow.

The lamp decorated with a simple subject of a tall stand of delicately painted flowers and foliage growing from a well placed hollow rock.  The anonymous artist has painted this subject in a Zen Buddhist style.  This simple, but elegant style, originated centuries ago in Buddhist temples, typified by naturally formed rocks and sparse planting. 

Rocks form the backbone of the Japanese garden, each rock and stone having its natural place in the design.   Boulders are positioned, half-buried in the highest ground, offering mass and stability.  Smaller rocks and stones act as obstacles to running water.   No other style of garden quite achieves the combination of peace and tranquility as found in the traditional Japanese garden.

The lamp seated into an a fine matte gold plated ring and set into an carved, antique Japanese stand.  The lamp fitted with a custom made, matte gold plated, bronze cap.  The lamp shown with an autumnal red, silk shade suggestion.

The Meiji era denotes the period in Japanese history during the 45-year reign of the Meiji Emperor.

Meiji Emperor - Circa 1890-1900

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