E062 A Very Smart Pair Of Contemporary Lamps In Classical Greek Amphora Style

"I swear by Zeus, an outstanding runner could never be the equal of an average wrestler"   Socrates

A contemporary, custom made pair of lamps in classical Greek amphora shape. The lamps painted in Athenian red figure style.  The lamps with high arched handles producing the amphora shape, amphora, meaning, to carry on both sides.

The lamps seated on custom made, gold plated bronze bases, the bases detailed with an enamelled, black line finish. The lamp caps of custom made gold plated bronze.

Classical Greek, red figure vase painting was invented in Athens around 530 BC and is often attributed to the workshop of the Athenian potter, Andokides.   Andokides is renowned for the naturalistic representation of anatomy, garments, and emotions. 

The art of classical Greek painting is characterized by a joyous freedom of movement and expression, portraying the human figure in a more naturalistic manner, the style with a free flowing line, more true to life.  This Greek, classical period, figure painting, provides insights into many aspects of Athenian life.  The figure subjects on these lamps portray competing Olympian wrestlers (παλαιστές Ολυμπίου)  Wrestling was considered a high form of physical achievement with an important religious significance.

The necks of the lamps decorated with a wide band of anthemion, or palmette, a stylised motif in decorative art resembling the fan-shaped leaves of a palm tree.  It has a far-reaching history, originating in Ancient Egypt.  It was widely used in ancient Greek and Roman design and known as the anthemion (from the Greek ανθέμιον, a flower).  It is found especially as an architectural ornament, whether carved, painted on interior walls, or as a ceramic decoration.

The lamps seated on custom made, matte gold plated, bronze bases, the bases detailed with an enamelled, black line finish. The lamp caps of custom made matte gold plated bronze.  The lamps shown with a pleated, black silk shade suggestion.  A seriously smart pair of lamps.

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Overall height (including shades) 22"/56 cm approx 

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

Lamp shades can be ordered if required.

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