F037 A Smart Royal Bayreuth "Greek Revival" Candlestick Lamp - Circa 1910

                 "Athenian de Rigueur"

A very smart, antique Royal Bayreuth, antique Greek revival candlestick lamp, the decorative style known as Corinthian ware.  The lamp with a matte black ground, decorated with two female figures in white enamel, both wearing the classical Greek style Peplos or toga-like garment, simply de rigueur for the fashionable Athenian lady of 500BC.

The candlestick with a gilded bands of Greek key at the top and base of the lamp.  The lamp seated in a custom made, gold plated bronze base.  The base detailed with an enamelled, black line finish.  The faux candle cap of gold plated bronze.

Royal Bayreuth porcelain has been produced in the same factory in Tettau since 1792.  The company, located in the Thüringen hills in the then kingdom of Bavaria.  It continued production throughout both world war disasters and continues production today.   The lamp designed for a 25w lamp socket.  The lamp shown with a knife pleated, black silk shade suggestion.

Ludwig II - Circa 1910

Overall height (including shade) 20"/51cm approx

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