F043 A Smart French Porcelaine de Paris Lamp of Superb Quality - Circa 1830

               "Beauty Has No Fear of Time"   

An early 19th century, French, Paris porcelain antique lamp of classic style.  The lamp decorated in superb quality, displaying the outstanding gilding of this exuberant early 19th century period.

The lamp of elegant baluster shape with fine, scroll topped, gilded handles.  The elegant neck of the lamp, acid treated, producing a matte gold surface, the matte gold ground decorated in bright gilded outline in classical revival style, creating an illusion of chased gold. 

The shoulder of the lamp bright gilded, above a ground of dry, deep blue enamel.  The dry blue ground with a formal grape leaf border and all-over, gilded with stars.  The deep blue in emulation of the night sky.  The deep blue ground over hung with a delicate, large swag of Parian porcelain, or unglazed, white roses and foliage.

The swags suspended over both sides of the lamp and draped over the scroll topped handles.  The flower modelling of very fine quality and remarkably in original condition!  The base section of the lamp gilded with a formal band of stiff leafed, classical acanthus.  The lamp supported by a gilded, circular socle, standing on a finely gilded, square shaped base.

The lamp fitted with a custom made, gold plated lamp cap.  The lamp shown with a rich blue, pleated silk shade suggestion. 

This is an outstanding lamp and a tribute to the skill of the early 19th century, Paris gilders.               

Charles X - Circa 1830 

Overall height (including shade) 22"/56 cm approx

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