F096 A Very Pretty Pair Of Contemporary Chinese Famille Rose Lamps

"An Imperial Poet"               

A very pretty pair of contemporary Chinese, Famille Rose, custom made, bottle shaped lamps.  The lamps with a celadon ground colour and skillfully painted in naturalistic style with subjects of Chinese tree peonies flowering on old wood.  The flower painting in shaded tones of pink enamel with stamens picked out in yellow.

The reverse sides of the lamps with a poem in 18th century, Chinese calligraphy, the poem written by the Qianlong Emperor c1760.  The Emperor (1711- 1799) was a major patron of the arts, a scholar, a passionate poet, essayist and collector of ceramics.  He is seen as one of the most prolific writers of all time, with 40,000 poems and 1,300 listed prose texts!  His artistic interests also included calligraphy, painting, architecture and the collecting and preservation of antiques.

Chinese decorative art is rich in symbolism and the tree peony subjects are no exception to this rule.  The tree peony is one of the four principal flower emblems, signifying honour, love and affection, feminine beauty, prosperity and is a synonym for nobility, gracefulness and wealth.

Even the bottle shape is symbolic, understood through the Chinese philosophic concept of Yin and Yang which seeks for harmony and balance.  The bottle shape with its bulbous belly and long neck, combine both slender and round, so producing the harmony and balance found in the combination of these opposites.  In addition, this bottle shape in Chinese, is known as Tian Qiu Ping, or heaven and earth shape.  The shape symbolising the ancient Chinese belief the the heaven was round and the earth was square.

The language of symbol pervades all Chinese art, writing and thought.  There are two levels of communication in China,  the practical function of speech and writing and the symbolic meaning that hides just beneath the surface.  In addition, these shapes also symbolise peace, as in Chinese, the sound for vase is also the sound for peace and two bottle vase shapes indicates “remaining peaceful and secure forever.”

In the great tradition of Chinese decorative art, ceramics are considered an art form on a par with painting and poetry and this beautiful pair of lamps confirm this tradition.  

The original 18th century flower painted vase shapes from which these lamps were modelled, can be seen today in the National Palace Museum, Taiwan.  The lamps are seated on custom made ball footed stands, gold plated in ormolu style, the lamps fitted with custom made, matte gold plated lamp caps.  The lamps shown with a knife pleated, celadon silk lamp shade suggestion.  The lamps with a weight of 4.6 kg  / 10 lbs each.  These lamps were privately commissioned by the Antique Lamp Shoppe.

Overall height (including shade) 27"/69 cm approx

Lamps shipped to the US and UK are wired to US and UK specifications

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