G023 Decorative Mid 19th Century, Large Persian Faience Lamp - Circa 1850

"A Persian's heaven is easily made. 'Tis but black eyes and lemonade"   Thomas Moore 1779-1852  

A rare and highly decorative, mid 19th century, melon shaped, Persian Faience antique lamp of large size.  The lamp with a sumptuous, rich Persian blue craquele glaze.  The lamp painted with a skillfully applied, fluid, free hand decoration of Persian Simurghs.  The Simurghs appear in a flowing motion with long tail feathers in a scrolling acanthus style.

The Simurgh is an ancient Persian mythological, benevolent, fabulous flying creature found throughout all periods of greater Persian art and literature.  She, (the Simurgh is always female), is characterised by the shape of a large peacock-like bird, with the head of a dog and the claws of a lion.

The Simurghs outlined in black enamel, with wings in copper and shades of green.  Persia has a long history of producing Faience, which archaeological evidence dates to about 5000 years ago.  The most desirable colours were blue and blue-green to simulate Lapis and Turquoise.  

The lamp seated in a custom made, Florentine bronze base, the lamp cap en suite.  The lamp shown with a pleated, Royal Blue silk shade suggestion.  This is a rare and outstandingly decorative lamp.

Circa 1850  Qajar Dynasty - Amir Kabir Shah.  

Overall height (including shade) 25"/64 cm

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