G084 An Ultra Pretty Bright Turquoise Decorative Chinese Lamp - Circa 1880

"The tones of grey, turquoise and pink will prevail".   Christian Dior

A very pretty,19th century, baluster shaped, Chinese antique table lamp with an ultra decorative bright turquoise ground colour.  The lamp finely decorated with a subject of long tailed Mandarin pheasants perched in flowering prunus.  The rather pastel range of colours have been very carefully chosen for balance, resulting in a beautifully complimentary composition.

The pheasants in tones of sky blue and magenta, one bird perched in flowering prunus branches of shaded pale pink and magenta blossom.  A second pheasant perched on a pastel blue Linzhi.  The Linzhi or sacred fungus, represents eternal life and is one of the ten Chinese symbols of longevity. 

The Linzh is often depicted as an amorphous shape, sometimes with holes and stripes, usually in shades of blue.  The finely painted decoration including large flowering peonies in tones of cream, shaded pink and burnt orange. 

Chinese decorative art is highly symbolic and the pheasant is one of the twelve symbols of sovereignty.  Along with the dragon, the Mandarin pheasant is a representative symbol for the entire natural world.

The base and border of the lamp rim enamelled in a palette of yellow and pale pink.  The lamp seated in a solid bronze, matte gold plated, Chinese-style stand.  This bright turquoise lamp is a real showpiece that would elevate the look of any interior.  This very pretty lamp shown with a knife pleated, turquoise silk lamp shade suggestion. 

Guangzhou Emperor - Circa 1880

Overall height (including shade) 24"/61 cm approx

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